We undertake all type of water supply repairs, whether it be a patch repair on a small leak or a full replacement of the water supply at your property.

We work with insurers to carry out repairs to leaking water mains efficiently and effectively. This is to ensure minimal loss of water in the event of a leak.

Many original water mains supplies are made from aged material which over time can cause multiple leaks; this is through no fault other than wear and tear of the pipework. In this instance it may be prudent to replace the water supply to your property as it is likely to leak in the future.

If a replacement is preferred then the repair option would be the moling method if ground conditions are suitable.


A way of carrying out repairs to the mains water supply, moling allows a new pipe to laid without the need to dig a trench. The ‘mole’ itself is a steel cylinder driven by compressed air that forces its way through the ground to create a path for the replacement pipe.

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